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Man-Midwifery Dissected; or, the Obstetric Family Instructor
Blunt, John
Published by Samuel William Fores, London
Location of original: Countway Rare Books, Harvard University
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Page 182



tleman, (justly eminent in the profession) was sent for, and performed it in a few minutes.

 But since we do not know that our legislators will (in compliance with Dr. Buchan's hint) make an act to prevent unqualified practitioners, male and female, from delivering women, I will endeavour to lay down a plan for the PROPER education of midwives, and for preventing the practice of ignorant pretenders of both sexes.

First, Let an obstetric school be instituted as near the centre of London as possible, for the instruction of midwives under forty years of age, whose character for sobriety and affability is indisputable; and whose education, constitution, and mental talents are promising for the profession; and let none else be received as pupils.

Second, Let these be instructed during three courses of lectures, at five guineas each person, which is considerably less than half the usual expence; each midwife shall be obliged to write down the heads of the lectures, so as to be able to an-

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