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Man-Midwifery Dissected; or, the Obstetric Family Instructor
Blunt, John
Published by Samuel William Fores, London
Location of original: Countway Rare Books, Harvard University
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Page 174


( 174 )

 ‘Few women think of following the employment till they be reduced to the necessity of doing it for bread. Hence not one in a hundred of them have any education, or proper knowledge of their business.’ Thus far he is evidently speaking of nurses. ‘It is equally true,’ (says he) ‘that most women in child-bed require to be managed with skill and attention, and that they are often hurt by the superstitious prejudices of ignorant and officious midwives. The mischief done in this way is much greater than is generally imagined; most of which might be prevented by allowing no woman to practice midwifery but such as are properly qualified. Were due attention paid to this, it would not only be the means of saving many lives, but would prevent the NECESSITY of employing men in this INDELICATE and disagreeable branch of medicine, which is, on MANY accounts, MORE proper for the other sex.’

 Though it is impossible for the most ignorant and illiterate midwives to do so much mischief with their hands, as skilful men have done with their levers, &c. I am no advocate
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