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Hallowell Town Records (Transcription by John Sewall)
Town of Hallowell Officials
Location of original: Hallowell City Hall Vault, Hallowell, Maine
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folio 89 (December 18, 1788 meeting)


1788. and Mr. Samuel Cummings were chosen for said Committee.
     Voted, to dismiss the 4th article in the Warrant.
     Voted, that the Committee appointed by the town &Church in conjunction to sign the letters missive, be also appointed to convey them to the several Churches, which are to constitute, or compose the Council.
     Voted, to choose a Committee of three to procure timber for the bridge by Col. Howard's mill: And Mr. Brian Fletcher junr, Capt. David Savage, and Mr. Phineas Allen were chosen for said Committee.
     Voted, to build the Pounds with round logs or poles, and to be thirty feet square within side; and Mr. James Page and Benjamin Pettingill Esq. were chosen a Committee to procure the stuff the winter ensuing.
The question was put whether John Badcock's rates should be abated, and passed in the negative.
Meeting dissolved, Sam.l Bullen. Moderator.

     Attest. Ephm. Ballard, Town Clerk.

     To Benjamin Brown, Constable of the town of Hallowell.
      In the name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you are required forthwith to notify & warn all the freeholders and other inhabitants of the said town, qualified to vote in town affairs, to assemble and meet at the meeting house in said town, on Thursday the eighteenth day of December instant, at ten o' clock in the forenoon, for the following purposes, viz.
     To choose a Moderator for said Meeting.
     To choose a Committee to wait upon Mr. Foster, to see if he will ask a dismission, agreeable to the advice of the Council.
     To see if the town will grant Mr. Foster a dismission from his Ministerial charge in this town, if he asks it according to the advice of council, & to take such other measures respecting dismissing Mr. Foster from his Ministerial office in this town, as the town shall think proper.
     To see what sum of money the town will give Mr. Foster in case a dismission shall take place.
     To consider and determine what method shall be taken to procure a sum of money immediately to discharge an Execution which Asa Emerson has against the Meeting house Committee for money due him for the Meeting house frame.
     To see if the town will direct their Agent to call on Mr. Asa Emerson immediately for settlement.
You are alike required to warn all the inhabitants of said

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