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Hallowell Town Records (Transcription by John Sewall)
Town of Hallowell Officials
Location of original: Hallowell City Hall Vault, Hallowell, Maine
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folio 88 (October 30, 1788 meeting)


1788.      Agreeable to this Warrant, I have warned all the freeholders & other inhabitants of the town of Hallowell, qualified by law to vote in town affairs, to meet at at the time & place, and for the purpose within mentioned by posting a true copy of this Warrant, agreeable to a vote of the town.
Benjamin Brown, Constable of the town of Hallowell.

Hallowell, Oct. ye 30. 1788. Attest. Ephm. Ballard, Town Clerk.

     At a meeting of the freeholders and other inhabitants of thte town of Hallowell, being duly notified &warned thereto, on the 30th of October 1788, the meeting opened and proceeded to business as follows, viz.
     Voted, and chose Mr. Samuel Bullen Moderator.
     On motion made the question was put whether they would choose a Committee to treat with Mr. Foster, concerning the 2d article in the Warrant, and it passed in the affirmative.
     Voted, that the Committee should consist of three, and Mr. Noah Woodward, Mr. Ezekiel Page, and Mr. Benjamin Brown were chose for said Committee.

     Voted, to adjourn the meeting for the space of 15 minutes. Met again according to adjournment.
The Committee returned & reported verbally, that Mr. Foster said he had nothing to offer with regard to an agreement; but that he was willing to concur in calling a Council, if the town & church see fit.
On motion being made, the question was put, whether the Town will in conjunction with the Church call an Ecclesiastical Council to hear, judge & advise in all matters of grievance that shall be regularly laid before said Council; and it passed in the affirmative.
     Voted, that the Council that was chosen to ordain Mr. Foster, shall be the Council, except Mr. Foster's two brother's; and that Mr. Foster shall choose two others in the room of his two brothers: And Mr. Foster nominated Mr. Williams of New Casco, and his Church, and Mr. Winship of Woolwich and his Church.
     Voted, that the 3d Tuesday in November next be the day for said Council to convene.
     Voted, and chose Deacon Cony, in behalf of the town to sign the letters missive.
     Voted, to choose a Committee of three to provide for the entertainment of the Council; and Mr. Jason Livermore, Ephraim Ballard

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