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Town of Hallowell Officials
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folio 172 (May 4, 1789 meeting)


Hallowell Viz. To Thomas Fillebrown, Constable of said town,


In the name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you are hereby required forthwith to notify and warn the inhabitants of said town, qualified to vote for a Representative to meet at the Meeting House in said town, on Monday the fourth day of May next, at one o' clock, afternoon, To choose a person to represent the town in the General Court to be holden at Boston, the last Wednesday of May next -- also

To choose a Moderator,

2d To choose a Agent, if the Town thinks proper.
3d To see if theTown will limit the time in which the Collectors of taxes shall application for any abatements thereof.
4th To see if the Town will pass any vote respecting the assessment of the settlement that was granted Mr. Foster.
5th To see if the Town will choose a Committee to confer with Mr. Foster on his proposals for a final settlement with the Town , and act thereon as the Town shall think proper. Hereof fail not & make return hereon to us, or either of us at or before the time said meeting. Given under our hands & seal this fourteenth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred & eighty nine.
Joseph North } Selectmen of Hallowell.
James Carr
D. Cony
  Lincoln Ss. Hallowell, May 2d 1789.

By virtue of this Warrant, I have notified the inhabitants of the said town of Hallowell qualified as mentioned in said to meet at the time & place directed in said Warrant Viz. at the Meeting house in said town by posting a true copy of the warrant at the said Meeting house door fifteen days at least before the Time set forth in said Warrant agreeable to a vote of the Town.
Thomas Fillebrown, Constable of Hallowell.

Thomas Fillebrown } Constable of Hallowell.