Hallowell Town Records (Original)
Town of Hallowell Officials
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 172 (May 4, 1789 mtg)   173 (May 4, 1789 mtg)   174 (May 4, 1789 mtg) 


folio 174 (May 4, 1789 meeting)


. Voted to Dismiss this 11th article in the Warrant.
  Attest Joseph North Town Clerk.
  At a Legal meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Hallowell held agreeable to notification on Monday the 4th Day of May, A.D. 1789.

Voted and choose Daniel Cony Esqr. Moderator.

2d Voted and choose Joseph North Esq Agent for, to appear for the inhabitants of this town.
3d Voted that if any of the Collectors of taxes in this town, who having bills committed to him or them, not applying to the assessors for abatments of any of the taxes assessed on the Inhabitants in said Bill or Bills, within twelve months from the time of committing the Bill or Bills to the Collector or Collectors, shall be barred from any abatements.
4th Voted to rase thirty Pounds, and pay the same to to the Revd.Isaac Foster, on the first day of October next, it being the residue of the settlement money, the Inhabitants agreed to pay said Foster, which sum is part of fifty pounds, which was to be paid yearly, in sums of Ten Pounds Pr. year after his ordination.
5th This art. voted to be dismissed.
  Then this meeting was dissolved,
  Attest Joseph North Town Clerk