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barter & trade account acount balance ballance bot bott bought cash cents cent cost crown crowns dollars dol dollr dolars dollar due fee fees had money note pay paid pai payd pence penny peny pisterene present presint presant presct prest purchase purchased purchast rate rates rewd reward riward settled settle settld setling setled setling shillings shillings shop shops trade tradeing
birth assisted asisted asistance assistance asisting assisting asist ascisted assisteid ascist ascist assist birth births birt birts breast brest breas called calld call cleverly cleaverly delivered delvd dilvd delivard deliverd delivrd dilivrd delivry delived delivd deld expressed exprest ill ills illness illest labour labouring natural unnatural nurs nursed operator operation operatr opperation pains patient pateint patiend patienls patienl patiet pregnant travail travil women womn womens
blacks black child black Hitty negro
clothing apron cap caps cape cloak clothes cloaths coat coats garments garters gown goun gound gownd gounds gownds gouns gowns handkerchief handkerchfs handkechfs hat hoes hose hos lace leggings leggin legging leggins mitts mittin mittn mittne pockets pockits ribbon ribbond ribband ribion shawl shawls shalls shift shifts shirt shirts shoes skirt slippers stocking stockings stockin stockins stocken stockens trousers trowsers waistcoat waislcoat waist waiskt wolens wollen wollens woolen wool woll woolin wollin wolon
crime & law arbitration arrest beat court coart coarts cort debt deposition execution executed jail goal jale judge judg jury justice law murder murdered murderer prison prisoner prisners rape raped rapd ravished ravisht ravishd robbed robd sheriff sherrif summons trail tryal tryals warrant
death body boddy close of life corpse corpss dead deceased deceasd decease deceast deseast deseased desceast death deaths die died dissolution drowned drownd drouned dround expire expired expird funeral funral grave graves grief grieve interred interd intird mourn remains schocking
farming barn barns barley bull butcher butchered bulchered calf cafvs calves calvs cattle chickens chicks chickins chickens colt coalt corn cow cows farm fence fencing fenced fince flax garden gardin gard grain hay haying hey horse horses hors haws ? hen hens husk husking lamb lambe lambes lam ? mare meadow medow meddow mow mowing oat oats ox oxen oxon plough ploughed ploughd ploughing plant planted planting raised raise raisd raising rais reap reapt reaping reaped rye rie sheep sheeps steer shod sow sown sowed turkey turky turkeys wheat
food alewives. elwives apple apples barley beef beefe beer beere beets beet beats beans beens berries beries bisket biscuit bread brine butter buller buter bytery buttery butr cabbage cabage cabbages cabages cake cakes carrot carrots cellar celler sellar cheese chees cheess cherries chicken chicks chickins chickens chikin chocolate chocolat chocolot cider cyder cod coffee cook cooked cookt cookd cooking corn cracker crackers cucumbers cumbers currants currant currint currints dine dined dind egg fig fish flour flower flouer food fowl fowls fouls ginger ginn gin goose goos gooseberries goos beries gravy greens herring herrin hogs hoggs hog hogg indien corn indien meal lard lemon lemons lemmon lemmons lettuse letice liquor licquor meat melons mellon mellons mellions milk mince mins mutton muttn molasses molases molasis nutmeg parsnip parsnips peppers peper pepers pickles pickeles pickeld pickele pickels pickls pie pies plums plumb plumbs pork porke poark potatoes polatoes potaloes potoes pumpkin pumkin pumpkins pumkins quince radish raisin raisins raisan raisans raisen raisens raspberries rasburies rice roast rum rhum salmon salt spirit spirt spirril spirrit sprt spiret squash squast stew stewed stewing stewd strawberries strauberies sugar supper super sup swine tamarinds tea turnips veal venison vinegar vinagar vinigar wine
garden work garden gardin harvested harvisted hilled hilld houghed houghd mow mowed mowd picked pickt pikt plant plants planted ptanted ptants planting plantd plantn plough ploughed ploughd ploughing pull pulled pulld pulling roots seed seeds set sett setting seting sow sown sowing sowed transplanting transplanted transplantd transptanted weed weads weeding weading wed
housework (see also food & textiles) ashes baked bakd bakt bake baker baking bakeing banked bankt banking boil boiled boild boiling brewed brewing brewd cake cakes candle candles candlis churned churnd cook cooked cookt cooking dish dishes done finished finisht finishd finish finishing finnishd finnished finnisht finshd girls gerls girlls hearth house work hous work hous wk iron irond ironed ironing aironing kettle kitchen ketchen ketchin kitchin lye ley ly mend mended mendd mends make making makeing mopped mopt picked pickt pewter puter room roome rooms scolt scallt scalt skolt scoured scourd scowerd soap soape sort sorting sorted tallow wash washing washed washt washd watched weaving work wk
Indians Indian indien squaw squagh
marriage bride ceremony groom house keeping hous keeping marriage mariag married marrid matrimonial published publishd publisht wed wedding weding wedlock wed lock writes rites
medicinal ingredients: local plants agrimony anise. anis annis balm balm of Gilead gilead giliad balsam balson basswood basswd buckthorn root burdock burdoc burnet camomile camamile camomile cammomile catnip catmint cold water root comfrey comphry coriander currants currant curant curants currints curents dock root feverfew feaverfue gold thread hops hopps hyssop hysop lily lilly London pride movage maidenhair maidin hair mandrake marigolds merigolds melilot mellolot mugwort mullein mullin mustard musturd onions oinions parsley patience pennyroyal peneroial peppers pepper plantain rhubarb rheubarb rhuburb rue rhue rheu saffron safron sage sanicle sennakle shepherd's purse shepherd's sprouts snakeroot snakrt snake Solomon's seal solomon sorrel sorril southernwood suthernwood sumac berries shumake berries summer savory tansy tansey tow (March 4 1789) turnip wormwood yarrow yerrow
medicinal ingredients: purchased medicines Aloes aloctic alloes Anderson's Pills anise seed anis annis Bravux camphor camphr dragon's blood dragons blood elixir proprietas elixer galbanum hartshorn licorice liqurish linseed oil lintseed manna myrrh myr niter oil British oil sweet oil oill paregoric parrigoric pepper pink root rhubarb rheubarb rhuburb scraped horn senna flies spermaceta spermaseta styptic powder stiptic steptic turpentine vitriol viteral
medicinal ingredients: miscellaneous beeswax bees wax brandy broth castor oil cat's blood catt cow's milk egg flour honey honney Indian meal cornmeal linseed oil lintseed lint resin rum rhum salt soap spirit spirrit urine urin vinegar black wool
medical conditions and treatments (see also medicinal ingredients) amputation bark bilious bleed bled bleeding blister blistered blisterd blisters btister blood boils bone bones bruised brused burn burns burnss byrns byrnns canker cankar case castor caster chicken pox cleverly cleaverly clister clisters clysters colic collic comfortable comforlable complaint complains complained complaind consent consint consented consentd cough cramp decoction dysentery disentery disentary desentry disentry displaced displacd dissection desection dessection dressed drest dresst elixir elixer examine examined examind faint faintness fainted faintd fainting fever feaver feavour feavor fit fitt headache headaick herb herbs hysterics itch laudanum laudenum opiates opium medicine medecin medicin medisin mumps ointment physic phisic physicked physsicked pill plaster poison pox poultice poultise poultised poltis poullises puke puking puked pukt pukd purging purge purgd putrid rash remedy remedies remidies salve salv sick sic sweat swet swelling sweling sweld syrup syrrip syrrup cyrrup tincture tinchture tinckture tooth unwell vomiting worm worms wound wounded
mill work log logg loggs lumber mill mills saw sawed sawd sawing timber timbr woods
military canon field piece militia marshal muster parade regiment regament rigament review soldier troops
politics & law clerk cleark clearks commonwealth commonwelth Democrats election embargo evaluation valluation governor governer Independence Day independance parish parrish president proprietors propriaters represent selectmen select gentlemen settling setling tax taxes town meeting toun vote Washington Washinton warrant
religion bless bles blesed blessed bible baptism baptised baptisd baptist communion communian deacon deacn deaon deac discoursed descoarst discoarsd discoarse discoarsed discoarses discourst descoars discoars descoarst divine devine god gods intermission intermition lord meeting meetng meetin metng mercies mercys mercy mersy ordination parish parrish pastor perform performed perfmd performd perforn performer pray prayer prayers prayed prayd prayr prayrs preach preacher preached preaching preacht providence reverend revd sacrament sacramend sanctify sancktify sanctyfy sermon service servis Strangers universe univers verse vers verss verses worship
river acrost cross crosst crost boat boating Boston bridge bridg bridges bridgs bridgi brig canoe cannoe cannoes dam eddy flowed flowd freshet freshett freshit froze frose frozen frosen grounded ice landing launched launchd launcht packet pier raft rafted raffting river sea schooner schoner ship shipping shiping sloop stream shore shoar vessel vesel vesil
surveying aprise explore plan plann plans planns proprietors proprieters run (a line) survey surveying surveyng tour
textiles bleach bleaching break breaking callamanco callimanco calico callco cambleteen cambliteen cambric card carding carded cardid check chintz chints cloth cloath cloths cloaths comb combed combd combs combing cotton cottne cottin cotten cottn coten coverlet coverled coverld coverlid dimity dimmity durant double doubled doubld flannel flanel flanil flax handkerchief handkerchfs handkechfs harness harnis huckaback indigo linen lining linng loom loome machine masheen mesheen muslin over hauling pins quill quilled quilld quilling quilt quillt quillted quilltd quilted quillting rag ragg raggs sew sewing sewed sewd shalloon sheets sheat sheats silk spin spinn spinning spining spun skein scein sceins spool spooled spoold swingle swingled thread tow twist warp warped warpt warpd weaving wove web webb webs webbs wetting weting wheel wheal whitening whiteing whiten yards yd yds yarn
transportation boat boating bridge bridg bridges bridgs bridgi carriage cart carted chaise chais colt conducted conductd ferry filly fille horse hors horses journey mare mired mird miry muddy packet ride riding wrideing rode wrode road roads rodes saddle schooner schoner ship sled slead sleading sleigh sleigd sloop vessel vesel vesil walk walked walkt walkd walking
miscellaneous academy school anaversery aneversary aniversary anniversary anavercery aneversary. birthday burn burning burnd burnt doctor doct doctr doc dr dockt fall light ligt lightning litning foot thanksgiving thancksgiving 12h wood write writing writeing

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