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April 18 - 25, 1809
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18 3


Clear and pleast. Pally Came here fm mr Wimans at 6h morn, left his wife very low indead. mr Ballard to Hallowell & to Son Jonas. Pally left here aftern for her aunt Lambards. Dolly to Son Jonas, returnd; Sleeps here, Sally & martha with her. I have removd part of the Chips before ye doore. at home, Bakt flour Bread. Patty to Dagt Lambds.
19 4


Clear. I was Calld to mr Wimans at 8h am, his wife is near ye Close of Life. I returnd home at 11, have removd ye Banking fm S end & west Side of our house. went back and watcht with mrss Wiman, mrss Smith with me. at mr Wimans, watcht. Dolly, Sally & Martha Slept here.
20 5


Clear and very Pleast. mrss Wiman Expired at 3h ys morn, aged 51. mrss Smith & I put her grave Cloaths on. Son Jona was Calld in to assist us in removeing the Corps into the west room. the Famely filld with Sorrow on the berievment. we Shall all feel the loss. may it be Sanctifyed to us all. I left them, returnd home by Son Jonas. they are as wel as Could be Expected. I Slept 2 hours, rose and performd my wk. mr Ballard to Son Pollards. they Sent me 3 lb fine pork. Dolly Lambd went home, Cyrus to mr Coneys. at home. at mr Wimans, his wife Expired at 3h ys morn. Shee [told] us Shee felt resigned to leav the [world]. Death.
21 6


Clear. I have done various kinds of wk, went to mr Wimans aftern. Cyrus went to mr Wimans to Set with them. at mr Wimans.
22 7


Clear foren, Cloudy aftn, raind at night. I did Some washing forn, attended at mr Wimans hous, his wives Remains were interd. A Discrs Deliverd by mr Low, last prayer by mr Smith. words ot ye Text were, I must work while ye day lasts &C. Saml Wiman has Seen 14 years this day. Dagt Lambd, Lucy, Wm & Patty Town took Tea. my dt and Childn Sleep here. at mr Wimans, the remains of his wife were intered. Funeral. Saml Wima is 14 years ys day.
23 1


Cloudy and Some rain. mr Ballard to meeting. Text Timo 6 C 6 vers. Dagt Lambd & Childn went to Son Jonas. I went with her and Came home to prepare Supper. at Son Jonas, his wife gave me a Sauser of Butter.
24 2


Clear part of ye day, Showers & Thunder. Cyrus went to Hallowl. I have been boiling Soap for Dagt Lambd. washt the out hous, Cleard ye Manure from the hen roost & done hous wk. Cyrus bot 2 oz Snuff & 6 nots Cors Thread. at home, makeing Soap for Dt Lambd.
25 3


Clear and Cool. I have washt & mended Cloaths for Cyrus, he went to Son Epms. Boiting Dagt Lambds Soape. at home.
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April 18 - 25, 1809
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