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June 9 - 16, 1806
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9 2


Clear part of ye day & warm. I have been at home, workt in my Gardin. Twisted 9 knots Thread & did my hous wk. at home.
10 3


Cloudy & misty. I have transplanted Some Cucumbers and done other Matters in my Gardin. mr Ballard finisht Planting our Potatoes. there was a great noise at [Gilbd]. at home.
11 4


Cloudy & Some rain. my husband been very unwel but had to worrie after ye Sheep to get ym out of ye Corn. I have been over ye field 8 times my Self and pickt up wood &C. Jona B. Junr Came and Slept here. mr Wiman so kind, he brot a Burthen of wood and proposed Seeking my Cow but I thought Le faett would bring her, but he did not. at home. mr Ballard is very Sick.
12 5


Clear Part of ye day. mr Ballard is more Comfortable for which mercy I wish to be greatful. mrs Wiman Came here. Betsy & Saml, they washt their wool. ye old Lady took Tea with us. I Churnd 2_ lb Butter this day. at home. mrs Wiman here. I have Churnd 20_ lb Butter Since we killd ye Calf.
13 6


Clear. I have made a Chees which is the 11th Since we killd our Calf. at home.
14 7


Clear. I have Churnd 1_ lb Butter which makes 22 lb in ye last 8 weaks. made a Chees, finisht my washing and other [mallers]. mr Ballard been to ye Settlement. at home. I have made 22 lb Butter & 12 Cheess Since w kild the Calf.
15 1


Clear. mr Ballard & Son Cyrus to meeting. I was not able to attend. Revd mr Stone Discoarst fm Acts 9th C 39 vers. at home.
16 2


Clear. I have Done work in my Gardin and observed the Eclips, it was not total here but very Dark. at home.
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June 9 - 16, 1806
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