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December 1 - 12, 1804
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1 7


raind. I am at Son Ephms. at my Sons.
2 1


Clear but Cold and very bad walking. mr Ballard and Lemuel to meeting. at Ditoes.
3 2


Clear part of ye Day. I am at my Sons. at Ditoes.
4 3


Clear. I Came from my Sons after noon, got home about Sun Sett. at Ditoes & mr Pittss.
5 4


Clear part of ye Day. Son Jona Came here this morn and treated me very unbecomingly indead. O that God would Chang his Stuborn heart and Cause him to behave in a Cristion like maner to Parents and all others. I Came home on Monday and past the above Sien yesterday. I have brot wood from the old fence above here to boil potatoes for Son Jonas Swine. he has 8 in my hogs Sty. at home. Seeing Sorrow, it was yesterday this Sien Past.
6 5


Clear. I have washt and brot Burthens of wood for to Burn, feel fatagued. at home.
7 6


Cloudy. I have been washing Potatoes for Jonas Swine. brot wood from the old fence. Son Ephm Dind here. Lemuel Sleeps here. Sally Farewel went to Jonas, her Marm to Eliab Shaws. at home. Son Ephm here.
8 7

[X. Birth Jery Prebbles Dagt. XX.]

Clear. I have been Piking up wood. was Calld to See the wife of Jery Prebble who was in Labour and was Safe Deld of a daught, her first Born at Sun Sett. I tarried all night. Son Lambd Sent me rum, Butter & Sugar, Tea [&C] ys Day. at mr Prebbles. Birth 10th. recvd 11/3d as a reward.
9 1


Clear. I am at mr Gills, Son Lambd there at noon. at mr Gills.
10 2


at Ditoes. my husband Breakfasted there. Ditoes.
11 3


at Ditoes. my husband Breakfasted there. Son Town Sleeps there. Ditoes.
12 4


at Ditoes forrn, Came home aftn. the Boys had burnt my wood and I got more, was Scik at night. at Detoes. Sally went to Son Ephms.
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December 1 - 12, 1804
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