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October 4 - 9, 1804
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4 5

X. Birth EbenZ Trasks Son. XX.

Clear. mrs Trask Deld of a son at 5h 30m ys morn. I have felt very unwell. Came from there to Son Pollards, tarrie all night. my Dagt nurst me. at mr Trasks. Birth 7th. recvd 9/ as rewd.
5 6


Cloudy. I was at my sons till 3h pm when I set out for home, was very ill all night. Cyrus got up in the night to wait of me. at Son Pollards, he is not wel.
6 7


Clear part of the day. mrs Warrin Calld here. I have been very ill till after n. Joanna Smith Came and helpt me. I was so much better that I Eat some dinner. I have Drank gruel and took no medisin Since I was taken ill. at home, very unwel. Joanna Smith here.
7 1


Clear. I was taken at ye 11th hour with a most Excrutiating pain in my Breast, took a fue drops of Campfr. Got Some Easier but had ye pain return a number of times in the Coars of ye day. Son Lambd here for me to go and See Thomas but I was so Sick I Could not go. at home, very Sick. Son Lamb here for me to go and See his Son Thomas.
8 2


Clear part of ye day. I did part of my hous work. Son Lambd Came and informd me his [Child] was wors. I set out and went there, find him very ill. was up with him a number of times thro the night. Betsy Kumbal watcht. at Son Lambds, Thomas very ill indead.
9 3


A rainy day, high wind at night. I had the pain return and all most dispared of life. Doct Man was Calld in the night to See me. mrs Savage Came there in the night by reason of the wind being So high. Shee dare not tarry in her own hous. at Ditoes, very Sick, the Child is very ill allso.
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October 4 - 9, 1804
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