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March 17 - 21, 1804
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17 7


Clear Part of the day. Son & Dagt Pollard and part of thier Childn here. Shee went on to See her Father. I went aftn Conducted by Lemuel Witham, a lad who is Com to work with Son Ephm. I returnd at Evn very unwell. Lemuel went to take Son Lambds hors and Sleigh to Joness for Jona and him to Come up in but not finding them ready to Come returnd with it. they Came up on foot and Jona Came here with out his hat. took him from his Supper, pusht him out adors, Drove him home to his hous Damning and pushing him down and Struck him. Shaw and Burr went on after to prevent his being deprived of life. I followed on falling as I went till meeting Dagt Lambard was assisted by her. I reacht his hous, find him Cursing and Swearing he would go and giv him a Hard whiping. my Dagt Lambd desired Heman to go and Conducted him to Ephm. he went and tarried all night. Son Lambd brot me home in his Sleigh. O that the God of all Mercy would forgiv him this and all other misconduct. at Shubl Pittss, feel very unwel and what a Scean had I to go at Evng. may a Good God Support me. funeral mr James Hinkley of Hallowel, his Death was very Suden.
18 1


Snowd part of the day. Dagt Lambd and Pollard here. my Comfortors are much as Jobs were. [O] that my Patience may hold out and may I See good acording to the days in which I have been afflicted. at home but in a Situation of Sorrow. mr Kinslys 3d son Born.
19 2


Clear and Cool. I have been very unwel. Phebe Church Came at 9 hou. Son Pollard, his wife & Rhoda and Dolly here at Evng. at home. Dagt Pollard Sleeps here.
20 3


Clear and Cool. Son Ephm brot his wife here. his Prentis Boy Conducted Dagt Pollard and Childn home. Son Jona was here this day. he Spake very indecently to me. I pray God to forgive the ofences of all who do ingure my feelings. may they Consider they may be Old and receiv like Treatment. Polly went to Son Jonas, his wife & Childn are unwel. at home. Dagt Pollard & Childn went home. Shee Delivd me 7/6 on James Blacks acount.
21 4

[Birth Wm Stones 6th son.]

Clear. I was Calld before morn to Wm Stones wife in Labour. Shee was Deld at 9h morn of her 6th son and 8th Child. I returnd aftern. at Wm Stones. Birth 1st recvd 6/ may 10th.
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March 17 - 21, 1804
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