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September 21 - 27, 1800
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21 1


Cloudy and Some rain. mr Ballard went to meeting at Hallowell afternoon, was informd that the wife of Capt Hatch were to be interd this aftern; allso a Child of a mr Burns of New france. Lucy Town Came here this morn, Hannah Ballard with her. I went to my Sons, his Son Jona is unwell. mr Wigins informs that a Child from Alpheus Lyons was interd ys aftn. at my Sons. Lucy Town here. three funerals this day.
22 2

Birth mr Brackets Son. X. Birth mr Basfords Son. XX.

Clear and Cool. I was Calld at 4h ys morn to See the wife of Anthony Bracket, Shee was Safe Deld at 7 of a fine son, her 4 Child. I left her Comfortable and returnd home at 11. went to Son Jon as to see Sister Pollard, was Calld at 12 by mr Basford to see his wife who was in labour. Shee was Deld at 4pm of her first Son and 3d Child. I left both mother and inft Comfortable and returnd home at 9h Evng. find Cyrus unwell, and made him Catnip Tea. mr Ballard Sett out for wiscasett to Survey for Capt Fallinsbe. Son Jona is gone to Jaill again. Lucy Town Sleeps here. at mr Brackett. Birth 21st. recd 6/. at mr Basfords. Birth 22nd. recd 9/. at Son Jonas. mrs Polld there. Lucy Sleeps here.
23 3


Cloudy the most of the day. Lucy town went home aftern, her Sister Polly is Come to mr Gills. I have harvested Some Beens, gatherd Cucumbers and plumbs. Cyrus is unwell but went to hear Coart. Wigins Spread the flax and got in part of the stalks. Jon as wife & mrs pierce here. at home. Lucy Town went home from here.
24 4


Clear and Cool. I was Calld by mr Dickman to go and See his wife who was unwell. I found the wife of Esqr Belcher there. mrss Dickman met with an abortion. I left her as well as Could be Expected. I Calld to See mrss Basford, found her and infant Cleverly. I was at mrss Duttuns and Lues Hamlins, he Conducted me home in a Shais. Polly Town Came here. at mr Dickmans. Birth 23d Polly Town Sleeps here.
25 5


Clear. I was Calld to Ephm Cowens to see his wife who is unwell. I was at Colo ["Jabez Cowens." - implied] at Colo Jabez Cowens.
26 6


Clear. I was at Cowens, the patient no Betr. at Ditoes.
27 7


Cloudy. I was at Cowens. mrss Duttun there. I had the Collic at mr Cowens this night. at Cowen.
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September 21 - 27, 1800
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