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June 24 - July 3, 1800
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[Birth mr Chases Son.]

Clear. mrs Chase was Deld of a Son (her first Child by her present husband) at 6h morn, and is Cleverly. I tarried with mrss Dingley who is Some unwell. at Chases. Birth 15th. recd 6/.
25 4


Clear Except a Shower, and very warm. I am at mr Dingleys. at mr Dingleys
26 5


Cloudy morn, raind at night. I left mr Dingleys at 10h morn, reacht home at 11h 30m, got diner and went out and Sett Plants till Sun Sett. Cyrus workt on the road by Springers foren, mr Ballard aftern. at mr Dingleys.
27 6


Showers. I have been at home, Sett Plants and did house work; feel fatagued. at home.
28 7


Cloudy. I have been very ill with a pain in my head. David Pollard wife here. Jonas wife returned from Sydna. I was Calld at 9h Evng to See mrss Dingley, there all night. her women were Calld. at mr Dingleys.
29 1

X. Birth Charls Dingleys 1st Son. XX.

Clear and warm. mrss Dingley was Safe Deld at 1h this morn of a fine Son which wd 11 lb. I tarried till afler dinner and returnd home. my dagt here, they went home and son Ephm with them. at Ditoes. Birth 16th. recd 12/ as a reward.
30 2

X. Birth Luis Hamlins Son. XX.

Clear and warm. I was Calld at 2h this morn to See the wife of Lues Hamlin who was Safe deld at 6 of her first Son and Second Child. I went from there to See mr Thwing who is very unwell. Calld to See mr Crages inft, it has had Sore on the throat, is mending. I Calld at mr Burtuns, bot a shaul, price 7/; at Crosbys, bot 1 piece tape @ 1/. returnd to mr Hamlins and dined, recd two Crowns as a rewd. wrode home in a Shaise accompanied by mr Hamlin. at mr Luis Hamlins. walkt to Springers hill then wrode. Birth 17th. recd 13/2d as a reward. Polly Hodges Came to liv with me.
1 3


Clear. Son Town here this morn, his famely well. I have houghed my Corn & Beens in thee gardn. Ezra Town & Son Ephm Supt & Sleep here. mr Ballard houghd Potatoes and planted Cucumbers. Cyrus went to Hallowell for milk pans, Polly washt. at home. Ezra Town & Son Epm Sleep here.
2 4


Clear. I have been at home, workt Some in my gardin. mr Ballard had the Collic. Doct Cony gave him a Potion of phisic, he got Easy. it was Lecter but I Could not attend. at home. mr Ballard had ye Collic.
3 5


Clear. I have Cleand my Seller and done other matters. mr Ballard Surveying for mr Whilwell. Son Jona is in the Care of an ofiser,or in prison for a debt. at home.
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June 24 - July 3, 1800
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