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April 1 - 10, 1799
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X. Birth [Joseph] Savages 12th Child, a Son. X.

Snowd Some. I have been with mrss Savage this day. Shee was Safe Deld at 5h 30m of a Son, her twelfth Child. I left them as well as Could be Expected about 8 and returnd home. I Calld at Son Pollards, find all well Except Rhoda who has had a pain in her Ear. at mr Savages. Birth 12th. recd 9/ of Ths Hamlin July [8].
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Cloudy. I have been Combing flax. Sally went to Singing, Jonas Sons went home. Dagt Lambd & Childn & Ephm here. I was Calld to mr Partrdges to See his Childn who are very badly Scolt. I tarried and Sett up with the Destresed famely. it Snowd, raind and haild this night. At mr Partridges, his Childn are Scolt.
3 4


A Severe Snow Storm. I Came home aflern, mr Partridg gave me Some Cabages. I left the Childn as well as Could be Expected. at Ditoes.
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Snowd this morn, very windy all day. mr Ballard and Cyrus attended worship, it being observd as a day of fasting and Prayer. mr Stone Discoarst from 2nd Cron 7 Ch 14 vers. we are informd by mr Bullin, as he past here, that mr George Brown is likely to recover. at home.
5 6

X. Birth Benn Fitches 3d Son. XX.

Clear and very pleast. I was Calld at 8h morn to go to Se Benn Fitches wife who was in Labour. I went in hast but found her put to Bed by mrss Hinkley. I returnd home at noon, find Dagt Lambd here. Shee Spun 2 Double Skeins Linning on my wheal, her husband Came and Conducted her and their Son home at Evng. mr Dingley here, he has been to wait on mrss Mc Causland to See her husband. poor woman, what must her feelings be to See her once beloved husband in Chains, and that Justly as a murderer. at Benn Fitches. Birth 13thto which I have been Calld ys year. Dagt Lambdand Son here.
6 7


Clear and pleast. I have been at home kniting. at home.
7 1


Clear and pleasant. I was Calld at 8h morn to See mr Patradges Childn, find the oldest very ill with the rash. her Burns in as good a way as Can be Expected. I tarried till Evn, returnd home at 8h 30m. at mr Partridges. Anna is very Sick.
8 2


Cloudy till 10h m, Clear after wds till near night when I was Calld by mr Heartford to See his wife who is unwell. I gave her Some Tea which relievd her. I tarried all night, Slept with the patient, her marm there allso. at mr Heartfords, mrss Livermore there allso.
9 3


raind this morn. I left my patient a little more Comfortable and arivd at home at 10h morn. I went in to mr Bells, their Child is unwell. at Ditoes & mr [Bells]. Death of Anna Patridg.
10 4

X. Birth mr Eatons Dagt. XX.

Cloudy and Sun Shine by turns and Cold. I was Calld at 2h m to go and See the wife of mr Eaton, he livs at Mg Stickneys. the Patient ill thro the Day and was Safe Deld at 8h Evn of her 2nd Dagt and 3d Child. I tarried all night. I receivd 9/ of mr Eaton as a reward for my Service. Cyrus finisht Dresing of our flax. (this makes 770 Cases. at mr Eatons. Birth 14th. Burial of Anna Partridg.
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April 1 - 10, 1799
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