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November 8 - 17, 1797
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The Nov. 8 entry is relevant to the "Textile Production" Theme in Martha Ballard's Diary
[8] 4


Clear but Cool. mr Ballard Came to Son Lambards and Conducted me home about noon. I have been Seeing to my pickels, apples and other matters. Hepsy is at work on my wool which is for Stockins yet. at Son Lambards.
9 5


Clear. I was at Son Lambarts, my Dagt unwell. I Came home at Evn. at Ditoes at home.
10 6


rainy morn. I was Calld to See my Dagt, Shee was very unwell, but got Some better. I went to See Dagt Pollard. at Ditoes.
11 7

X. Birth Son Lambart Dagtr. XX.

rainy, it was this morn, not yesterday. I went to mr Lambarts, Shee was ill all day, her women were Calld in the Evng and Shee Safe Deld at 8h 45m of a fine Dagt. her Second Child. Dagt Pollard tarried all night. at Son Lambarts. Birth 51st. recd 12/.
12 A

X. Birth James Childs Son. XX.

rainy and froze. I was Calld from Son Lambards at 3h ys morn to See mrss Child who was in Labour. Shee was Safe Delivird at 6h 45m of a fine Son, her fifth Child. I left her Cleverly at 10 and returnd to Son Lambards, tarrie with them this night. at Ditoes & mr Childs. Birth 52nt. Decr 1802 recd 10/6 of mr Child for performing ys [   ].
13 2


Clear and very pleast. I tarried with my Dagt Lambard till Evn, then Came home, Ephm with me. mr Capin Sleeps there. Patty & Nabby Livermore here at Evng. mr Ballard Sett out this day to go to view land between this river and penobscott, with a man by the name of Bond, he is from Vermont State. at Son Lambarts. my Dagt is very Comfortable.
14 3


Clear and very pleast. I have been at home till Evng, was then Calld to See mrss Child who had an ill turn. I took Care of her thro the night. at mr Childs.
15 4


very Cold. I have been with my Dagt Lambart, we made 20  
16 5


Dzn Candles. at Ditoes & at Son Lambarts.
17 6


Clear and Cold. I have been at home. mr Dingley, his wife and Childn and mr Brown here to Tea. mr Ballard returnd. Betsy Hinkley Slept here last night. Robart Fletcher Came to work here 15 inst. at home. mrs Dingley here.
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November 8 - 17, 1797
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