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October 6 - 10, 1794
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6 2


Clear. I have been to See mr Hodges Child, they think it is mending. Calld at Son Pollards, they are well, at mr Baxters, his wife is unwell, at Doct Colmans, all well. I had of him 1 oz Galbanum 1/3, Dito alloes 1/, _ oz myrr /7, one nutmeg 1/, 2 oz Clovs. mrs Colman made me a present of a thimble. I Calld at mr Hamlins, they are well. mr Ballard at Doct Coneys & mr Pollards. Cyrus bot m 3 pints Spirrits, Cost 1/20_. at mr Hodges & others, at Doct Colmans.
7 3


Clear. I have been at home. mr Ballard to a Church meeting. mr Densmore had a quilting & hushing. my young folks there, Came home late. at home. my Girls at mr Densmores.
8 4

X. Birth mr Felpss Son. XX.

Clear. Ephm had a fitt at day break, has been very sick till after noone. I was Calld at 3h pm to See mrs Felps who was Deld at 6 of a Son, her third Child. I left her & infant Cleverly & returnd home at 9, find Ephm more Comfortable. Cyrus been to Pitts tn to mill. at mr Felpss. Birth Son Ephm had a fitt this morn.
9 5


rainy. mr Williams Dind here. I was Calld to See David Sewalls wife who is unwell. I was there all night. at David Sewalls.
10 6

X. Birth David Sewalls Son. XX.

Cloudy. at mr Sewalls, they were intimidated & Calld Dr Page who gave my Patient [50] drops ot Laudenum which put her into Such a Stupor her pains (which were regular & promising) in a manner [Scant] till near night when Shee pukt & they returnd & Shee was Delivd at 7h Evn of a Son, her first Born. I left her Cleverly at 10 & walkt home. I receivd 12/ as a reward. at Ditoes. Birth 39th. mr Perham Sleepshere. Dolly is unwell.
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October 6 - 10, 1794
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