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August 29 - September 1, 1794
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The Jul. 19-Sep. 2 entries are relevant to the "Dissection" Theme in Martha Ballard's Diary
29 6


Clear after Sun rise. we had a fine Shower after 1h ys morn. I left mrs Pitts revivd & returnd home at 10h morn. at Shubal Pittss, his wife very ill indead. 30 7 mrs Davis & mrs Porter Sleep here this night. Rachel Cumings, who is Crazy, here ys Day. Broke Down Corn, Beens & other misChief. we Confind her & Sally & I led her to mr Hinkleys who has the Care of her. Shee is an object of pitty, may God restore her reason if Consistant with his Divine will. mrs Davis, Porter here. Rachel Cumings here. Crazy.
30 7

X. Birth Nathl Thwings Son. XX.

Clear. I was Calld to See mrs Thwing who was in Labour, Deld her of a Son at 10h morn. receivd 6/ as a reward & returnd as far as mr Pittss, tarried & watcht. Capt Coxs wife with, we apprehend mrs Pitts near the Close of life. at mr Thwings. Birth 33d. watcht with mrs Pitts.
31 E


Clear. mrs Cocks went from mr Pittss to my house ys morn. I went home aftern, took Tea with mrs Cocks & returnd to mr Pittss. old mrs Pollard & mrs Barton watcht till near Day. at mr Pittss, his wife had a very Distrest night till near day, after which Shee Slept a Sweet knap.
1 2


When I rose, and they retird to take Some rest at 6 OClock, Shee Desird mr Pitts & I to moov her & fix her Bed. we Did & laid her in again. Shee Expird in a very Short Space without a Strugle Except Distress for Breath. we have reason to hope our loss her gain. A Clear Day. I Came home from mr Pittss after we had Performd our last Ofice of friend Ship, Except her interment. my Son Ephm went to inform his friends at winthrop. it is four months this Day Since I was Calld to See my Dead Neace who was Seisd with this, her last illness, which Shee has born with Christian meekness and humility. Shee has manifested her regard to Christianity by an opne Profission of religion & receiving the ordinance of Baptism. we morn the los of her Company, but have the greatest reason to hope that Shee has Changd this for a a [sic] world in which Shee will be free from all pain and Sorrow, joind with Glorified Saints to Sing Redeeming lov. at mr Pittss, his wife Expird. Ephm is gone to inform his friends. at mr Pitts.
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August 29 - September 1, 1794
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