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January 13 - 22, 1793
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The Jan. 14 entry is relevant to the "Martha Ballard and Money" Theme in Martha Ballard's Diary
13 F


Clear. mr Thwing was here, Desird me to go & visit his Lady. I wrode up aftern, find her not very well. I Came from there a Sun Sett. Calld at Son Pollards & took Tea, arivd at home at 8h Evn. at mr Thwings.
14 2

X. Birth mr Thwings Son. XX. Birth mr Suells Son. X.

Clear. mr Ballard & Cyrus went to Town meeting. I Bakt & Brewd & was Calld to See mrs Thwing at 6h Evn. Shee was Deld at 10 off her first Born, a Son. I was waited for by mr Brown to attend mrs Suell who we arivd there at 11 30m. Shee was Deld off a Son at 12. I tarried there thro the night. my Patient is Cleverly. receivd 7/4 march 18 1794. at mr Thwings & Suells. Birth 1st. Birth 2nd. receivd 6/ of mr Thwing.
15 3


Cloudy. I left mrs Suell Cleverly at 8h morn. went to mr Thwings, find her & inft Cleverly, he went after her marm. I tarried till 3 pm when my Son Cyrus Came & Conducted me home, find Dagt Ballard & her Son & Lucy Town here; her Daddy & mrs Barton Came here yester Evn, are [doing] Business with Judg Boman. Son Jona Came at Evn. at mr Suells & Thwings.
16 4


rainy morn. Jona & his wife went home. Georg Brown Came here at Evn. I was Calld to Shubal Henkleys, Jona Came there for me. returnd home without me. I was with my Patient all night. at mr Hinkleys.
17 5

X. Birth Shubl Hinkleys Son. XX.

Snowd. I was at mr Hinkleys. Son Jon a Came again at Evn, they Could not Dismiss me. mrs Hinkley was Deld of a fine Son at half after 11h Evn, and I was Conducted to my Sons. receivd 6/ as a reward from mr Hinkley. at Does. Birth 3d. this Birth was on ye 18 at 1 or 2 in the morn.
18 6


Clear. I was at my Sons, mrs Barton allso. Sally is more Comfortable. at my Sons.
19 7


Clear. mrs Barton went from Jonas to our house, we Sent for her at Evn. at Does.
20 F


Clear. mrs Barton went to our house. I tarried at my Sons. at Does.
21 2


Clear. I was at my Sons. Isaac Hardin Calld me to See his wife at 9h Evn. at Does.
22 3

X. Bth Hardins Son. XX.

at Hardins, his wife Deld of a Son at 3h morn & I returnd to my Sons at 8h morn, find Sally tolerable. mr Hardin paid me 6/ at mr Blaks. at [Hardns]. Birth 4th.
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January 13 - 22, 1793
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