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May 27 - 31, 1791
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Clear. mrs Sally Stakpoole went from here, Cyrus waited on her with by water. I went to ye hook, Bot needles, pins and Combs. Borrowed mrs Carrs Side Saddle. I wed Gardin after I returnd, Cyrus helpt me. mr Ballard & Ephm at ye meddow, fencing it. mr Cottle paid me 2/8_ in Cash by mr Densmors yesterdy, mr Dany 1/6 ys Day. thee Letters I receivd by mr Hurd were 1 from Sist Barton of one from Br Collins of 8 inst, one from Sist Barton of ye 11th, one frm Doct Barton of 15th which inform of ye Death of Leut Nicholss Lady of Oxford; Shee Expird april 14th 1791. Son Town Came here at Dusk, he has been to Pownalboro. his famely were as well as usual yester day when he left ym. at the hook. receivd Letters yesterdy. Son Town Sleeps here ys night.
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Cloudy foren, the Sun Shone at noon, and Son Town & my Dagts Sett out for wins low. we had a Sprinkling of rain about Sun Sett, Showers went round us & thunder & Lightning. mr Ballard & Ephm Came from ye meddow. mrs Nabby Hodskins interd at 2h PM. at home. Funeral of mrs Hodskins. my Dagts gone to winslow.
29 B


Clear & hott. mr Ballard & Cyrus went to meeting, a mr Emerson Rerformd. Augustus Ballard & his mother, Robert mc Causland & his wife here, Jony White & his wife allso. we were much Alarmd about Ephm, the circumstance was this; he went up Chamber, laid down on Some bd Cloaths & fell asleep. we went to mr Livermors and mr Kennadys to Seek him. I had lookd on Every Bed and found him not. a thought turnd in my mind to Search again & found him asleep. at home. Sist Williams & others here. we were alarmd about Ephm.
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Clear. mr Ballard been Surveying, rode by mr Jones. mrss Livermore & Cumings here, Drank Tea. Cyrus & Ephm spent ye Day after our Sheep, found them not. at home. mrss Livermr & Cumings here.
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X. Birth Robt Fletchers Dagt. XX.

Clear. mr Ballard & Ephm went to ye meddow. I put Robt Fletcher wife to bed with her 4th Dagt at 30 m PM. left her Cleverly, fee receivd June 19th. at mr Fletchers, Birth [14th].
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May 27 - 31, 1791
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