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November 10 - 13, 1790
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The Nov. 8-10 entries are relevant to the "Courtship and Marriage" Theme in Martha Ballard's Diary
10 4


Clear. my Girls had Some Neighbours to help ym quilt a Bed quilt. 15tn Ladies, they began to quillt at 3h pm, finisht & took it out at y Evn. there were 12 Gentlemen took Tea. they Danced a little while after Supper, behavd Exceeding Cleverly; were all returnd home before ye 11th h. at home. we had Company.
11 5


Clear and Cool. mr Savage & Lady took Breakfast here. I Borrowd mr Browns Hors and went to See Polly Taylor, find her very Low. mrs Jackson, Brown, Bolton and Pets Kenny Supt here. mr Jackson gave me 3/ for Polly Taylor. I am informd Hannah North is very Sick. at mr Taylors.
12 6


a Cloudy day. I was Calld by Colo Sewall to See his Lady who was in Labour. Shee was not So ill as to Call in other assistance this Day. I Slept with her till about 1h morn when Shee Calld her Neighbours to her assistance. at Colo Sewalls.
13 7

X Birth. Colo Sewalls Son. XX.

A Clear & Butifull Day. mrs Sewall was ill till 3 h pm when Shee was thro Divine asistance made the Living Mother of a Living Son, her 3rd Child. mrs Brooks, Belcher, Colman, Pollard & Voce assisted us. I went to Colo Howard at Evng to ask assistance for Polly Taytor. Colo Sewall gave me 6/8 as a reward, Conducted me over ye river. I Calld at mr Craggs, was informd that Hannah North was thot to be Expireing this morn but is revived. mrs Colman informd me that the Doct, her Husband, gave Hannah a Dose of Callom Calomel for worms which gave relief. She went next Day to See mrs Goodin and took Cold, which has brot her into the Sittuation Shee now is. when I arivd home found Capt Silva Learned here from oxford. Letters. at Dittoes. Capt Silva Learnedof Oxford Sleeps here, brot a letter fm Broth Collins, 1 fm. Sister Barton of Oct. 31. Jon a killd his Oxen. Birth28th.
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November 10 - 13, 1790
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