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The History of Augusta
Nash, Charles Elventon
Published by Charles E. Nash & Son, Augusta, Maine
Location of original: Private collection
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Page 286



  1789. October 16. Charles Webber ataictching people's efects on acount of what Mr. Foster owes him.
  18. Sunday. Mrs. Densmore delivered of a son at 1h. morn. I left them cleverly and returned at the 8th h. Felt much fatagued; have not slept but little since Thursday night.
  20. I hear that the wife of Daniel Savage, Junior, departed this life life yesterday morn an is to be interred this afternoon. Wm. Hewen's son born the 19th inst.
  21. We are informed that Capt. Reed is cast away on his return from Europe. Savage Bolton and his wife were taken with a warrant for breaking the Sabath.
  22. Colonel North began to build a bridge over the pond.
  25. Snowed this morn: the ground was covered the depth of 4 inches.
  9. Nathan Haywood's wife at Winslow was delivered of a daughter the 26th inst.
  30. The rule which have ben chosen to determine what the town of Hallowell should giv the Rev'd Mr. Isaac Foster reported this day that he should have $112.10, and Colonel Howard as treasurer has given his note on demand for the same with interest till paid. Mr. Foster and other gentlemen called here on their return home.
  November 2. Mr. Ballard bot bais of Colonel Howard for a waistcoat.
  3. I was called at 8th h. morn. to see Mrs. Palmer at the Hook. Shee was in travail.
  4. Mrs. Palmer was safe delivered at the 5th hour, morn, of a son, which weighed 10 lbs., her sixth son and 7th child.
  5. Mr. Ballard set out again on his business of surveying.
  14. Two men and a boy sleep by our fire this night. Mr. Crage crost the bridge with a load of hay this day. It was very light in the north -- streams of red -- it extended almost all over the whole hemisphere.
  17. Doctor Coney was called to Mr. Desmore's at Vassalboro, to his wife in travail.
  19. Informed that Mrs. Densmore was delivered this morn and expired at the second hour, morn.
  20. The remains of Mrs. Densmore interred this day.
  24. Mr. Ballard returned home from his surveying; has finisht the job except planing.
  25. Joseph Stackpole, a daughter born.
  28. Manly left here, bound for Bridgwater
  30. Mr. Ballard went to the Hook to have his needle mended.
  December 3. I was called by Ephraim Cowen to Charles Cleark's wife in travail at 2h. morn. Shee was sage delivered of a daughter -- (3d child, all daughters) at the 4th hour.
  5. The ice run in the river.
  7. Was called at the 10th h. evening, to Mrs. Parmer in travail; was conducted to the river by Mr. Petingil and Mr. Ballard; by the former, Wm.

  Novermber 19. She was the daughter of Abial Lovejoy of Vassalboro (now Sidney).
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