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A Treatise on the Art of Midwifery, Setting Forth Various Abuses Therein, Especially as to the Practice with Instruments
Nihell, Elizabeth
Published by Printed for A. Morley, London
Location of original: Countway Rare Books, Harvard University
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Page 60


60 A  T R E A T I S E  

defended from death, by doubling their guards.

   THE women have on this occasion the delicacy not to suffer even their husband to assist at their labor, and this out of decency. This is very well for those who are contented with midwives; but as for those who will be attended by men to lay them, it is very wrong in them not even to insist on their husband to stay by them. For this preference if men to deliver them, comes either from a greater inclination to the men, or from a greater confidence in them than in the women, or, in short, from the pure necessity they imagine themselves under to employ a man. If it is from inclination, or from necessity, it will be always proper for the husband to stay, to contain the man-midwife as much as possible, within the bounds of modesty. If the man-practitioner is preferred by them, out of the great confidence they have in men : in what man can they place more confidence than in a tender husband : who more than he can interest himself in the man-midwife's acquitting himself duly of his office?

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