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The Literary Diary of Ezra Stiles, Vol. 3
Dexter, Franklin Bowditch
Published by C. Scribner's Sons, New York
Location of original: Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, Massachusetts
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Page 474


  It was further agreed that the Corpora & Coll. Officers shd all walk by themselves as a Body succeeded by the Treasr, Profess. & Tutors. Between the Tutors & the Clergy, to be placed Members of Congress, Councillors & eminent Civilians: then succeed the Reverend Ministers. The President to be preceded by the Undergraduates, Candidates Bach. & Masters, & the Bedellus Sheriff Fitch. The Order of Rank & Procession thus settled, we proceeded to other preparatory Business, and agreed to confer the hony Deg. of A.M. upon Dan1 Dewey Esq. and the Hon. Wm Hillhouse; the Deg. of LL.D. on Judge Marchant, Hon. Jno Worthington & Lt Gov. Wolcott; the Deg. of S.T.D. upon Revd Isaac Lewis, & upon Revd Rich' Mansfield an Episco Clergyman-this the first Insta of a theological Doctorate conferred in Yale Coll. on an Episcopal Clergyman. This brought us to Eveng when we adjourned to Morng.
   12. COMMENCEMENT. A fine pleasant Day.-The Procession accordg to the Order settled proceeded to the Brick Meetg ; where the Corpora only were situated upon the Stage on each Wing of the Pulpit: the rest of the Stage left open for the Performers. The Process. was accompanied alongside by a Band of six Musicians with Clarionets, Fr. Horns &c. from New York, which played excellently. Havg entered the Meetghouse, the Exercises were as follows

Anthem & Musick
An Eng. Oration by Asa Chapman
Forensic Disputation by Sir Hoyt & Sir Sherman 2.
A Hebrew Oration by Sir Cooley
An English Dialogue by Sir Hedges, Marcht, Esten, Savage
Eng. Orat. by Sir Lothrop
A Greek Dialogue between Sir Wms & Sir Chauncy
An Eng. Oration by Sir Botsford.

    Dinner in Coll. Hall 140 present


An Eng. Orat. by Mr. Tutor Basset on the great and happy
   Event of a Union of Civilians & Ecclesiastics in the Govt
   of the University.
A Latin Orat. on the same subject by the President
An Eng. Orat. by Mr. Edwds
A latin Valedy Orat. by Mr. Pynchon
The Graduation-71 Degrees
Anthem   Musick
Prayer concluded : finished at Sunset.
Procession returned to Chapel-About 80 or 90 Ministers present.

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