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Sewall v. Commonwealth
Lincoln County Court of General Sessions of the Peace
June 5, 1787
Published by Lincoln County, Wiscasset, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Location of original: Lincoln County Courthouse, Wiscasset, Maine
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June 5, 1787 Page 238 (back)


that the said Isaac is a person of good fame Name & Reputation, and now is, and for two years last past, has been a preacher of the Gospel, & a settled and duly ordained Minister of the Gospel within and for said Town of Hallowell, of which one Henry Sewall of Hallowell aforesaid Esq. was well knowing; nevertheless the said Henry intending to scandalize & destroy the Reputation of said Isaac, &the said Henry being a person of the Age of Discretion, on the sixth day of January inst did at said Hallowell with force and arms wittingly and willingly make and publish of and concerning the said Isaac, the following false and scandalous words & lies, to wit, "he" then speaking of and meaning the said Isaac "is a Liar; & I" meaning the said Henry, "can prove it" - "and he," then speaking of and meaning the said Henry Isaac, "has lied, & I" meaning that he the said Henry could prove that said Foster was a liar and had lyed, all which &c. and to the said Complaint the said Henry before the said Justice pleaded that he was not guilty of said Offence, and after a full hearing on the premises, it was the opinion of the said Justice that the said Henry was guilty, & was sentenced by the said Justice to pay the sum of fifteen shillings for & towards the Support of the Government of this Commonwealth & Court of prosecution & find sureties for his good Behaviour, and stand committed till Sentence should be performed, from which Sentence the said Henry appealed to this Court & recognized according to law. And now the said Henry comes into Court and prays leave to withdraw his former plea of not guilty & to throw himself upon the Mercy of the Court, which is granted by the Court. It is therefore Considered by said Court that the said Henry pay a fine of fifteen shillings and C osts of prosecution.


 Title page   Jun 5, 1787 Page 238   Jun 5, 1787 Page 238 (back) 

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