Martha Ballard's Diary, April 25 - May 4, 1812

25 7
Clear & Cold. mrs Farewel at mr heaths all night. Shee went home after Breakfast. mrs Heath ill all day. we have Slept a little. I have had ague fitts yesterday & today. at mr Heaths. mrs [Bridg] Came at 9h Evng.  
26 1
[Josiah Heath Birth, dagt, first Born].
Clear & very Cold for the Season. mrs Heaths illness increast after mid night and Shee was Deld at 4h 30m am of a Dagt, her first Born. I left her before noone, her marm Came. her illness has been very Severe. I have felt very feeble this day. Mrith 15th. receivd 12/S. left patienls Comfortable. 
27 2
Clear. I have been very ill. Sally Came towards night. Betsy Andrews Came, Staid all night. at home.  
28 3
Clear. I have had a very Sick day. Betsy here. at home.  
29 4
Clear. I feel some more Comfortable for which I wish to Praise the Great author. Son Ephm Came with a hors for his Father to ride to Lecture. he had a turn of pain which led him to think he Could not go but Sett out about noone. at home, Sick. Betsy [here].  
30 5
Clear and very Cold, Snowd ys morn. I have been very ill. Betsy was Calld home before night. at home, very ill. Betsy left [me].  
1 6
Clear & very Cold. Dagt Lambd went home. I have not been quite So ill. mr Ballard went to the Settlement, bot him some tobacko, rode home. at home. Dagt Lambard went home.  
2 7
Clear. Dolly Lambard Came to take Care of me. I have had a Sick Day. at home, very [unweal].  
3 1
Cloudy. mr Ballard gone to meeting. Son Lambd Calld to See me. Sons Jona & Epm Came after meeting, Luke and Lefaell also. Sally Sleeps here. I have been feeble ys day. this was Sacrament day, lhere were a number of persons admited. at home, very feeble. Childn Calld to see me.  
4 2
Clear. mr Ballard to Town meeting. Dolly Lambd Came to help me. at home, very [   ].  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.