Martha Ballard's Diary, April 6 - 16, 1812

6 2
Cloudy morn, Cleard away at 8h am. mr Johnston Came with a Shais for my husband to go and attend Town Meeting. he went and tarried all night at Capt Pittss. at home, feel very feeble.  
7 3
Clear & pleast. Capt Pitts procured a hors for My husband to ride home. Son Jona Led it back. I have felt Some better but feeble yett. mrs Partridg, Smith & Brooks been to See Son Jonas wife. I have done my hous work & knitt. at home.  
8 4
Clear. I have been So unwel that I Sett up but little. Betsy Wiman Came in to See me, Shee made my Bed & made me hasty pudding. at home, very unwel.  
9 5
Clear part of the day. mr Lankester Calld here going from forenn Meeting, informd Me the Text was in Daniel IX C 6 & 7 verss. Moses Partridg & Le faett makeing a hogg pen. Mitchel Swingling Flax for them. at home.  
10 6
raind. I have been Sick on the Bed aftern. at home.  
11 7
Cloudy part of the day. I have felt very unwel. mrs Smith here for milk. I have not been able to work. at home.  
12 1
Clear. Old mrss Stone here & 1 of Burdens dagts. Le faett Sett out to go to meeting, found the mill Brook bridg upsett by the ice, men at work on it to Secure it. at home. Old mrs Stone [here].  
13 2
Cloudy till about [ ] pm, when it began to Snow. I have washt the Cuboard in East roome, the door into the bed roome, but feel feeble. I have Churnd 1-2/1 lb Butter. Snowd all day & very Cold. at home.  
14 3
Cloudy y morn, Clear aflern. I have felt very feeble, been at home. at home.  
15 4
Clear part of the day. I have been very unwel. mr Burden here at Evng, Says his wife is very Sick. I have rested Some this night. at home. Death [Fo ] Dagt AE 2 years 6 mo.  
16 5
Clear Part of the day. we removd from Son Jonas to our own house. Hannah Came and helpt me Some hours for which favour I feel Greatful. we [removed] to our own house. I went to [Foys],set out at 9h Evng.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.