Martha Ballard's Diary, December 27 - 31, 1811

27 6
Clear & very Pleasant. I have done Some washing and knit Some. Luke has been fixing Boards for floor. Keziah Hall Sleeps here, Georg Stone allso. a man by the name of Walker Came to our hous late last night. we lett him in, he Slept by the fire. at home. Luke Barton here fixing Boards for East roome floor.  
28 7
Cloudy all day & very Cold, A Severe Snow Storm Came on at Evng. Lefaett brot his mother, James & Eliza here and Conducted them home this Evng. I have done hous work, knit & mended hoes. Luke laid thee floor to the hearth. at home.  
29 1
Snowed & was Cold & windy. P. T. Voce & inft, Ben Williams Calld. A mr Eddy Sleeps here. I have been at home. wether moderated at 10h Evn. at home.  
30 2
Cloudy, Snod Some. I have done hous work & minded Cloaths. Luke finisht laying our floor. Lefaett & Ephm went down with him, brot Sally up here. at home. Luke finisht work here.  
31 3
Clear and pleasant day, Cloudy at Evng. I have mended some Cloaths and wound 4 Skeins hoes yarn. Som Ephm and his wife took Tea with us. Shee looks feeble, their famely are wel. mr Bracket Calld here. at home. Son Ephm & wife here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.