Martha Ballard's Diary, June 24 - 30, 1807

24 4
Clear Part of ye day. I have workt in my Gardin, over hauled wollin raggs, Cut Some for flock & Some for Carpet filling. mr Ballard been to the Settlement. Rachel Smith Paid [in] 1 Dollar in part of what was Due to me for asisting her in Child [Bed]. [at home. Rachel Smith paid 6/.]  
25 5
Raind. I have Sett Cabage Plants, Squash & Cucumbers. mrs Nason had Turnip & Cabbag plants. I wed 2 Beds in my gardin, kild many worms. mr Ballard Sett Cabbage plants East of [      ].   
26 6
Clear. I have [Sett] plants & Done other work. mr Ballard went to Carrie Some Greens & Sallad to Dagt Lambd. at [home].  
27 7
Clear and warm. I have Bakt and Brewd. mrs Wiman Came here [near] night. Saml Pollard here. David Pollard took a Bed Stead for Dagt Pollard. I put ashes to the [Cabbage].   
28 1
Clear. mr Ballard to meeting. Son & Dagt Pollard, Saml and Martha here. I went with ym to Son Jonas. mr Ballard Came there after meeting. we Dind there. at [Son Jonas].  
29 2
Clear Except Some Showers. I was Calld between 12 & 1 to go and see mrs Burden who is in Labour, her women Calld before night. at [mr Burdens].  
30 3
Birth mr Burdens 5th Son & 11th Child.
Clear. mrs Burdin Deld of her 5th Son & Eleventh Child at 4h 5m ys morn. her illness was very Severe a Short Space but Blessed be God it terminated in Safety and ye inft is numbered among ye living. mrs Saunders [here]. [at mr Burdens. Birth 10th.]  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.