Martha Ballard's Diary, April 24 - May 4, 1807

24 6
Cloudy and some rain. mr Ballard has been to ye Settlement. I have been at home, Done my hous work. Warrin Stones wife here to Borrow my flax Come. at home. mrs Stone here.  
25 7
Cloudy and Some rain. I was Calld to See my Daught Pollard. mr Trask accompanied me. we reacht there before Dark. they Chose oficers at Son Jonas. at Son Pollards & Son Jonas.  
26 1
Cloudy. I was at Son Pollds. at Son Pollards.  
27 2
Cloudy. I was at Ditoes. at Ditoes.  
28 3
Clear Part of ye day. at Ditoes.  
29 4
Cloudy. I am at Ditoes. at Detoes.  
30 5
Cloudy & rain. mrs Pollard and I went to Timy Woodwds, they have a Child Sick. at Son Ps & mr Woodwds.  
1 6
Birth Son Pollards 5th Daugt.
Cloudy. my Daugt Pollard was taken ill before 3h ys morn and was Deld of her 5th Daugt and 8th Child. at [no entry] ys aftern. I tarrie this night. at Son Pollards. Birth [8th]. 
2 7
rainy. I have been at Ditoes. at Dildo  
3 1
Snow & rain, I am at Ditoes. at Ditoes  
4 2
Clear. I Came home, left my Daugt as wel as Could be Expected. at Ditoes & returnd [home].  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.