Martha Ballard's Diary, February 23 - 28, 1807

23 2
Clear, thawd Some. I Scrapt [fine] Chips and put west Side our hous for Banking. have knit Some, paird and Cut Some apples. William been here, Sleeps here. at home.  
24 3
Clear. I have Done my hous work, Scrapt up fine Chips and laid west Side the hous to keep ye frost out. Soal & Saml Parker got wood for us foren. Phillip Bullen here, Dind. mr Ballard been to ye Barbers. receivd 3 letters at ye Tole hous from Bror Jona Moore. at home. we receivd Letters from Bror Jona Moore, Rochester.  
25 4
Clear. Soal & Parker got wood this day & Cut Some at ye door. Wilm went to mr Rheds for Butter, Chees & Bees wax. mr Kidder from Hamdin here for a Sertifacate, paid 2 Dols & 12 Cents. at home. Son Jona, Wm & Sally Dindhere. Lefaett Supt & Sleeps with Wm
26 5
X. Birth James Ketons Daug. XX.
Clear. I have done my washing was was Calld to go to mr Ketons, his wife was Safe Deld at 9h Evng of her 5th Daugt & 10th Child. I tarrie all night. mrs Kingsly went home. at mr Ketons. Birth 4th. receivd 9s march [180 ].  
27 6
Clear. I Came to Son Pollards with mr Oliver Cleark, find Rhoda Some better. I tarrie all night. A mr Chandler Came there. at Detoes & Son Pollards.  
28 7
Clear. James Keton Junr Came and Conducted me home. Becky Cowen Calld here. mr Ballard gone to the Settlement. at Son Pollards and Came home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.