Martha Ballard's Diary, December 5 - 12, 1805

5 5
Cloudy and moderate. I have been more Comfortable ys Day, have Done my hous work and wound yarn on balls to Double 4 Skeins. mr Ballard been at Jonas, Cyrus been Cuting wood. at home.  
6 6
raind very hard in ye night. mr Huff & his Brother Slept here. mr Ballard workt for Son Jona. at home.  
7 7
raind till aftern. I have Bakt Bread and mins Pies and Done some mending and finisht Doubling my Grey yarn. mr Ballard workt for Jona till near night, then went to Son Ephms. finds his wife is poorly with her Breast, it is not Broak yet. at home.  
8 1
Cloudy & high N wind. mr Ballard to meeting and at Son Ephms. his wife is no better. Cyrus and I at home. Revd mr Stone Discoarsed from Luke XVI 7. at home.  
9 2
A very windy Day. I have been Severely afflicted with pain in my teeth and all over me, got no rest ys night. at home, very unwell.  
10 3
Clear and very high wind. mrs Wiman Came foren and Spent the day here. I feel very unwel yet but not in So Severe Pain for which I would bless the bestower of Every mercy. at home, very [unwel]. mrs [Wiman] Came and tarried here.  
11 4
Clear but Cold & windy. I have Done my washing. mr Ballard been to the Slauter hous for Beef. Son Town Came home with him and Sleeps here, his famely are well. Ezra is in his own house. at home. Son Town Sleeps here.  
12 5
Clear, part of the day more moderate. mr Ballard & Cyrus Down to Coart. I have washt Some more Cloaths ys day. Sist Farewel Calld here, informs me yt Pollys Breast is very Soar yet. at home. mrs Farewel here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.