Martha Ballard's Diary, October 6 - 16, 1805

6 1
Clear. mr Ballard to meeting. I was at home. Son Ephm here at Evng. at home. Son Epn here.  
7 2
Clear Part of ye Day. I have Bakt Bread and Apple Pies. mr Ballard been down to Coart. at home.  
8 3
Clear part of ye Day. mr Ballard bn to Coart. the Caus between James Howard and the magr Saml H. was Calld this day. I have Done Some washing. mrs Wiman here to Bake. at home. mrs Wiman Bakt here.  
9 4
Clear. I washt 12 Shirts & Shifts and Some other things. mr Balld been down to Coart. at home, washt.  
10 5
Cloudy, raind before night. I went down Expecting to be at Coart but was informd by my husband that Cleffords Caus with Cony was Continued and I returnd home. at Son Ephms.  
11 6
Clear Part of ye Day. I washt 4 Sheats, a Bed quilt and some other things. have been at home. at home. mr Ballard to Ephms.  
12 7
Clear part of the day. I have Cutt some Apples to drie and done other matters. mr Ballard went to ye Barber to be Shaved. at home.  
13 1
Clear but windy. I have been at home, my husband to meeling. at home.  
14 2
Cloudy part of ye Day. I have pickt 5 lb wool. mrs Wiman here to Bake, Shee Dind here. at home. mrs Wiman here.  
15 3
Clear part of ye Day. I have pickt wool. mrs Pierce & Babcock here. Dagt Lambd & 2 Daugts here. Shee gave me oinions & Butter. at home. mr Ballard workt for [Jona]. [Dagt] Lambd [&] [Dagts] here.  
16 4
Cloudy, raind aftern & Evng. my Husband been to Carrie our wool to ye masheen, 8_ lb. I have ironed. Sally Pierce here. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.