Martha Ballard's Diary, September 19 - 27, 1805

19 5
Clear and warm. mr Ballard workt at Son Jonas Phrain. I have Done my hous work and finisht my washing. mrs Thomson here aftern, had herbs. at home. mrs Wiman here.  
20 6
Clear. I have Cleand my Stares & entry and Sellar and done my hous work. my husband workt for Son Jona. mr Perrum Calld to See him. at home. mr Crosby of Belgrade Drowned ys day.  
21 7
Clear. mr Ballard workt at Jonas fraim. I have bakt Brown Flower bread, apple pies & Ironed Cloaths. I feel Some fatagued but am geting my hous in order by degrees. at home.  
22 1
Clear. mr Ballard & I attended Devine Service. the Revd mr Parker Performd. he Discoarsed from Acts 8 C part of ye 39 V, and he went his way rejoceing. he held up to View the grounds the Christian to rejoice &C. he allso Shew the Duties we ought to perforn and Shew they would be our Comfort in this life and our Everlasting happiness in lhat which is to Com. I Could wish it might have been the lot of all my Childn to have heard him but God is able to teach yr hearts. I pray he might. at meeting. Revd mr Parker Performd  
23 2
rainy. I have Been at home Cleaning my kitchin &C. mrs Welches Dagt Sally here. Colo Duttun took up a note of 10 Dols which my husband held against him. at home. Colo Duttun here.  
24 3
Clear. I have gathered part of my hops. at home.  
25 4
Clear. Son Jon a put up a hous Phraim joining ye Shop. I went to mr Wimans. at mr Wimans.  
26 5
Clear. mrs Wiman here to Bake, hur husband & [     ] to Tea with us. at home. mrs Wiman Bakt here.  
27 6
Clear. Betsy Andrews here, wisht me to go and See her Child, it has had ye Rash but Seems mending. at mr Andrews.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.