Martha Ballard's Diary, June 11 - 18, 1805

11 3
Clear part of ye Day. mr Ballard went to See mrs Gill, finds her better. I have removd my washt my roome & Done other matters, feel fatagued. at home.  
12 4
Birth Josiah Thomsons 4th Dagt.
Clear. mr Thomson Calld [m] to See his wife who was in Labour. I reacht there about 8h m, Shee was Safe Deld at noon of her 4 Dagt & 5 Child. I left them Comfortable & returnd home at 3h Pm. at mr Thomsons. Birth 5th.  
13 5
Clear and warm. Saml Pierces wife here, took Breakfast with Son Jona, Dind with us. we had Pork & Greens y[l] of my Sons famely Partook. my Husband & I and mrs Pierce took Tea with Dagt Ballard. at home.  
14 6
Clear and warm. I feel So feeble that Cannot perform much work this day. at home.  
15 7
Clear and warm. I have been at home very unwel. mr Ballard been down to ye Settlement. at home, very unwell.  
16 1
Clear and warm, we had a Shower at noon. my husband to meeting. I have been very unwel. Dagt Pollard Came, Fanny Hodges with her. Rhoda Came afterwards, they Sleep here. I feel Some better at Evning. A mr Wood had a Child Baptised by ye name of [sic]. at home. Dagt Pollard here.  
17 2
Clear and warm. Dagts Pollard and Ballard took Down my Bed steads in ye Chamber and Cleand them of Buggs. Hannah helpt her Father Cord ym up again. mr Pollard Came and Conducted his wife and Childn home. Dagt Pollard paid me _ of a Dollar which Shee receivd of James Bolton 2nd for me. at home. Son Polard Came for his wife & Childn.  
18 3
Clear. mr Aron Page Sent us 9 lb wool for the use of [9] Sheep this year. I have Done my washing, feel Some falagued. have Cleaned the Sellar in part. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.