Martha Ballard's Diary, May 25 - June 2, 1805

25 7
Clear. I have been at Ephms, went to the Jail and Slept with my Husband. at Ephms & ye Jail.  
26 1
Clear. I was at meeting. Revd mr Parker performd. at meeting.  
27 2
Clear. I have been at my Sons. at Ephms.  
28 3
Clear and very pleast. Old Lady Partrage Came in to See me. mr Ballard is not Libarated yet, he went to ye Jail ys night. at Ditoes.  
29 4
my Husband Liberated ys Day.
Clear. this is Election Day. my Husband was Sett at Liberty this day. he went to Son Lambards, finds William very Sick. he came for me, we both went and tarry there all night. ye Babe very ill. at Ditoes, mr Patridges & Son Lambds
30 5
Clear. I am at Son Lambds, the Child is threatoned with fitts. Doct Cony Came to See him, approved of what we had done for ye Child. Left it Elixer Satutus, it Seems Some better. at Son Lambards, the Babe is very Sick.  
31 6
Clear. the Babe Seems much revived. I tarry all night. at Ditoes, the Child better.  
1 7
Clear. mr Ballard Came and took Breakfast at Son Lambds. I Set out for home, went to Son Ephms, look my Cloaths. Calld to See mr Craggs Child. at C. Voces, Bot 1yd black Durant. Calld to See mrs Thwing, Shee is better. at Ditoes and others.  
2 1
Clear. mr Ballard to meeting. I got our Pork in to ye Sellar, packt it and Did other matters. Polly Goodin left my Son Jonas, Shee is very unwel. Pierce & wife Dind at Jonas. at home. Polly left [here].  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.