Martha Ballard's Diary, May 12 - 24, 1805

12 1
Cloudy. I attended public worship. Revd mr Parker performd. mr Ballard and I went to mr Thwings at intermition. I went to Son Ephms at night, Sleep there. at Ditoes, meeting & Son Ephms.  
13 2
raind foren. I went to Son Lambds aftern, find my Dagt   
14 3
washing and the Babe unwel. at Son Lambds.  
15 4
16 5
Clear part of ye Day.   
17 6
18 7
Clear part of ye day. I went to mr Ushers, Saml Babcocks and Tolmans.   
19 1
Cloudy. I went to meeting and Allin Lambd Conducted me home. I am very unwel. at Deloes & at Meeting.  
20 2
Cloudy. I am still very ill. Son Ephm here, mrs Pierce & mrs Cleark allso. Dagt Ballard went to mr Pierces aftern. Polly made me some grewel. at home, very ill indead all day.  
21 3
rainy. I feel So much better that I have Eat two small potatoes, the first Substance I have taken since Sunday morning. Hannah, William & Sally have the mumps. mrs Pierce Dind here. I have been So much better this afternoon that I took some Tea and Eat bread and Butter. may I be treuly Grateful for every Mercy I receive from my Great Parent. at home. mr Hall wounded his knee and went home. [thro] God I am much more Comfortable.  
22 4
Cloudy. I have been at home, feel much better. I gathered Greens for the famely and Sent Some to Son Ephms. Sally remains very Sick yet. mrs Pierce Ding here, we had Cafvs [haslet]. at home.  
23 5
Clear and very pleast. I have been very unwel, my throat is very Soar. Doct Howard was Calld to see Sally. Shee Seems more Comfortable. we Dind on roast Veal. at home, feel very unwel.  
[24] 6
Some rain. I was Sumoned by a mr Clefard to apear at Coart as an Evidince. I Sett out and went to Son Ephms. at Son Ephms.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.