Martha Ballard's Diary, April 1 - 7, 1805

1 2
Clear and very pleast. mrs Farewel spent ys Day and night, it was Town meeting. Son Ephms wife wrode here on Son Lambds hors. Shee Dind and took Tea with us. I am happy to See her So much better as to Come here. at home. Son Ephms wife here. Son Jona late home.  
2 3
Clear and very pleast forenn. mrss Farewel left here at ye 11th hour. mrss Pierce here to Bake, Shee Dind here. I do not feel So well as I could wish. at home. mrs Farewel went from here.  
3 4
Clear foren day. I have been very unwel. mrss Pierce Dind here. mr Wiman Brot my Tub which he has Sett up, hoopt and put a new Bottom in [ ] he had of me for doing it 1 B potaloes. at home, very unwel.  
4 5
Clear and pleast morn, raind aftern. I have not been So wel as I could wish but have removd part of my potatoes. mrss Pierce Dind here, Shee has washt. it is Fast Day. John Pierce & J. Ballard have been Guning foren, to meeting aftern. they could not giv me ye text. at home. it is Fast day. mrs Pierce here.  
5 6
Clear and Pleast. I have washt my Cloaths & floor and Chamber Stairs. I have been drinking a beer made of hops and Balm Gilliad. at home.  
6 7
the Sun Shone Early ys morn, Clouded Soon and began to snow. mr Pierce Dind here. I have knit some. I have receivd of Jason Pierce 2 qts molases, 2 lb Sugar and _ lb Tea which Cost 5:6. he had 1 Bushl Polatoes. at home.  
7 1
Clear. I have been at home. no one of the famely attended Divine Service. mrs Pierce been to mr Babcocks, finds them Some more Comfortable than they have been. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.