Martha Ballard's Diary, August 17 - 23, 1804

17 6
Clear. mrss Densmore left here to go to Bodinham. mrs Farewel went down to Son Ephms. at home. mrs Densmr left here.  
18 7
Clear. I have washt my kitchen and ironed and mended my husbands Cloaths, and workt on my Soap. Dagt Ballard took Tea here, Sally & Martha allso. mr Hussey and Gitchel were here. at home. A mr Thing Came for me but I did not go.  
19 1
Cloudy morn, warm day. Cyrus and I tarried at home. Jona, his wife and 2 youngist Childn here to Tea. mrs Farewil returnd from Son Ephms, informs me the infant is very Sick again and yt her [daugt] Sally is unwel. I receivd a Letter from Bror Elijah and wrote to him in return. at home. Lemuel here for Sauce. had Beens, Squash,Cucumbers & apples. he brot a Leller from BrorElijah of 7th inst. I wrote answr
20 2
Clear. I went to Son Ephms to See the Babe, find it very unwell. I tarried all [night], administred Clisters but it had a restless night. at Son Ephms to See ye Babe.  
21 3
Clear. at my Sons. gave the Babe Rheubarb, it Seems a little Easier. I went to Ephms New hous and to mr Partridges. Sent a Letter to Bror Elijah, wrote and Enclosd my of ye [19th]. [at Ditoes]. wrote again to my Bror, Sent it by a mr Brigg.  
22 4
Cloudy morn, Clear aftern. mrs Farewel went down on business about the road being taken from her. I have washt. Dagt Ballard and mrs [Trask] here. Son Town Supt and Sleeps here. at home, did my washing. Son Town Sleeps here.  
23 5
Clear. Son Town left here after Breakfast. he has Seen 50 years this day. I have been doing hous work and went to my Sons to See the girl who is unwel. my Daugt absent. at my sons to See Pally Doore.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.