Martha Ballard's Diary, June 12 - 17, 1804

12 3
Clear till near night when it sprinkled a little rain. Cyrus been to hear Coart. I have Bakt & Brewd and done Some in my Gardin. Sett 4 Cabbage plants in the middle of the day. put ye tops in Cold water 1 hour then Sett them. mrs Farewel took Tea with me. her Dagt Sally here forenn, Brot me some Butter from her marm. Lemuell Sleeps here. at home. our Cow Calvd.  
13 4
Clear and warm. Joanna Smith washt for me. I have done hous work, mended trousers for Cyrus, Planted Potatoes & Cucumbers East Side the hous. Cyrus been to hear coart. I have had a number of faint turns this day. Lemuel took Son Ephms Piggs from here. my Son here at Evng. at home. Joa washt for me.  
14 5
Clear. I have Bakt white & Bn Bread and workt in my Gardin. [Isaac] Waters, Son of my Sister, Dind here. I was Calld at 10h Evn to see Son Ephms wife who was in Labour. I walkt there. Cyrus wend to Call Ephm to attend to his wives Sickness. he reacht mrs Farewels at 11, went and Conducted Jonas wife there. at mrs Farewels at night. my Nephue Isaac Waters Dind here.  
15 6
X. Birth Son Ephms Daugt. first Born. XX.
Clear and warm. Ephms wife was Safe Deld at 4h and 40m y morn of a Daugt, her first Child. it wd 6_ lb. Shee was very faint after delivery. I tarried with her till near 2h pm when I left her and inft Comfortable. was fatagued watking home, went on to the Bed and rested the remainder of ye aftern. at mrs Farewels. Birth 5th. at 4h 40m ys morn.  
16 7
Clear and warm. Isaac Waters Came here foren, he and I [Dind] at Son Jonas. he Sleeps here, mr Purington and his wife allso. I have workt some in my Gardin and done my hous work. at home. [hav] my Sons have Company aftern.  
17 1
Clear. mr Purington & wife left here after Breakfast, mr Waters allso. Cyrus to meeting. Heman took Supper here. at home, Cookt a legg of pork.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.