Martha Ballard's Diary, March 30 - April 5, 1804

30 6
Clear and pleast part of the day, Snowd and raind at night. Son Jona, his wife [&] 3 Childn took Tea here. Son Ephm has Seen 25 years this day. at home. Jona, his wife and Part of the Childn here. Son Ephms Birth day.  
31 7
Snowd and raind. I have been at home, helpt some about hous and knit Some. Joanna finisht a pair of mitins. at home.  
1 1
Clear and Cold for April. we have all been at home. the widdo Savage Came here foren from James Savages. Shee tarries all night. at home. widdo Savage Came here.  
2 2
Clear and Cool. mr Shaw took Breakfast here. Son Ephm paid him for the work he has done for him. he left here bound to Parris where his Parents liv. at home.  
3 3
Birth Son Jonas 5th Sone.
Clear. mrs Farewel Calld here, Shee was going to the Settlement. Dagt Ballard Sent for me aftern Shee being in Labour, and was Deld of a dead Son before Sun Sett; untimely birth. I tarried all night, mrss Farewel & Smith also. at Son Jona. Birth 3d. premature.  
4 4
Clear. I Came home before Sun rise. Joanna went and helpt my Dagt till aftern when Shee Came home and Bakt. I feel very much fatagued. Olliv Fletcher is with my Dagt this night. at home.  
5 5
Clear. Joanna to meeting. I have been to my sons, his wife is as well as Can be Expected. Marcy Badcock Came to help her. Olliv & Rebeckah Fletcher Sleep here. it is Fast day. at Son Jonas. Oliv and Becky Fletcher Sleep here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.