Martha Ballard's Diary, May 28 - June 8, 1803

28 7
Clear. I was Calld at 2h morn to go & See Midian Cowens wife who is unwell. I See her in Safe Circumstance and returnd home, have felt allmost Sick. Lydia to work at my sons. mrs Farewell took Tea here, Shee informd me that Theos Hamlins wife was Deld last night. at midion Cowens. receivd 3/9 for my trouble.  
29 1
Clear and warm. my famely all attended public worship at the meeting hous, the Revd mr Stone discorsed from the Gospel of St John 7th C 46th verse, and the ofersers answered Said never man Spake as this man Speaketh like this man. at meeting and at mr Westons.  
30 2
Clear. I went to work in my Gardin this morn, planted 8 Sorts Beens and removd part of my Sage, Catnip &C. went to Genl Sewalls afternn. at Genl Sewalls, mrs Coney there allso. Judg Sewill Came at Evn.  
31 3
Clear. at Ditoes.   
1 4
Clear. at Detoes. mrs Gill there.   
2 5
Clear. I went to mr Gills and returnd.   
3 6
at Ditoes. ye Genl returnd.   
4 7
rainy. at Ditoes.   
5 1
rainy. at Detoes. mrss Sewall unwell. the Judg left there and went to Doct Colmans.   
6 2
Clear. at Ditoes.   
7 3
Clear. at Does & mr Evthleths, Colo Lithgows, Colo Norths, Thwings & ye Stores. Sleep at mr Thwings.   
8 4
Clear. I left mr Thwings, Calld at mr Moodys and there I had a hors left by my husband, and Came home. find Dagt Ballard here.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.