Martha Ballard's Diary, April 8 - 13, 1803

8 6
Cloudy. I have been at home Sewing. Allin & Thomas Lambard here. Snowd at night. at home.  
9 7
Clear, the Snow went of. I was Calld aftern by mr Moody to go and See his wife, found mrs Woodward there. the patient is in Defucalt Circumstances, we both tarried with her all night. at mr Moodys, his wife unwell.  
10 1
Clear. I am at mr Moodys. Doct Hubard was Calld to See her, he gave no Medisin but is of opinion that her Complaint wil be thron of by natures Eforts. I tarried this night, a number of Ladies there to visit ye patienl. at Ditoes. Doct Hubard was Calld there.  
11 2
Clear. I tarried with mrs Moody till near night and returnd home very unwell, find my husband very unwell. I was Exercised with Such a pain in my head that it Seemed as if my life must go. I Calld Lydia up in the night. Shee applyed poultises to my feet and warm Brandy to my head with hot flanell, and I became Some Easier before morning.   
12 3
Clear. I am Some Easier. mr Ballard Sett out for Boudin ham. Jona, his wife, mrs Pierce here to See me. mrs Bolton Dind here and mrs Farewell Sleeps here. we are informd that Deacon Cony Expired last night. we have Since hiard it was at Sun rise. at home. mr Ballad to Boudinham. we [hear] Deacon Cony is dead.  
13 4
Clear. I feel more Comfortable. mr Puringtn here. mrs Farewell is gone down below. mrss Andrews here, took Tea. at home. mrs Ands here. mrs Farewell left here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.