Martha Ballard's Diary, November 27 - 29, 1802

27 7
Clear part of ye day, very Clear at Evng. mr Ballard been to Hollowell, Cyrus returnd from winthrop with ye woll he had Carded there. I have been at home. Son Jona had his Swine killd, Sent me a harslett. at home. Cyrus returnd. mr Balld went to ye hook.  
28 1
Clear and pleast. Sons Jona, Lambard and wives and 5 of Jon as Childn Supt with us, Hannah was not here. I am informd at Evng of the Death of Colo Duttuns wife and that her Funeral was attended from her Son SamlS. may the visitation of providence be Sanctified to all nearly Concerned and the Call be heard by us all to be allso ready, as it is apointed to all men once to die and after death the Judgment. may we have our loins girt our lamps Burning that we may not be [Surprised] when the Bride groom Shall Come. at home, am informd of ye Death of Colo Duttons wife.  
29 2
Birth Son Jonas [3d Daugt & 7th Child].
Clear and pleast. I rose at 4h ys morn. mr Ballard Sett out to Survey for Judg Robbins. I have been Seting my hous in Some degree of order. Son Ephm made me a present of a Chest. W. Cypher brot it from ye Shop and I filld it with lining. was Calld about 2h pm to go and See Son Jon as wife. Shee had her women Calld at 9 and was Safe Deld at 11 of her 7th Child and 3d Daught & is Cleverly. at Son Jonas. Birth 10th. I Came home at 2 and got Some Sleep.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.