Martha Ballard's Diary, October 20 - 24, 1801

20 3
Clear. I have pickt Some wool, gathered my hollihock Seed and Cut the Broom. Dagt Ballard and mrss Hatch took Tea, the Latter sleeps here. at home. mrs Hatch here. I have Sett up all day.  
21 4
Clear and pleast. mr Ballard Collecting Taxes on East Side ye river. mrs Hatches hors got out of ye pasture. Cyrus went after it as far as Rheubin Pinkams and brot it back. mrss Weston here, informd that Salmon Rockwoods wife was Deld of a daught by Doct Hubbard, last night or today. mr Saml Jacksons wife Calld to See me, mrss Butler and Farewell here allso. I have not felt so wel ys day as I did yesterday, but Hitty went to Jonas to take Care of ye Childn ys Evn for my Son & Dagt to go to Son Lambards. I washt the dishes and swept the hous at Evn. mr Ballard returnd at 11h Evng, informs yt Deacon Coneys wife is sick. at home. mrs Hatch left after Breakft. I had Company ys aftern.  
22 5
Clear at Sun rise, a Brite rain bow soon apeared and a squall of wind and rain. I have been at home, Cleand my Cucumber Seeds and pickt Some wool. Doct Barton removd from this Town to Varsalboro ys day. mrs Pierc did my washing. at home.  
23 6
Clear. mr Ballard Collecting taxes. mr Bullin & wife Calld here, they are going to Canaan. I have been picking wool. Jonas wife here. at home. mr Bullin & wife here. Cyrus Sett out for Patty [Tn].  
24 7
Clear. mr Ballard went down Streat, Hitty allso, we paid her 6/ in part for her Service. I have not felt so well ys day but have Emtyed my Soap & pulld up Some Cabbages. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.