Martha Ballard's Diary, October 13 - 19, 1801

13 3
Clear. my Pain returnd last night and Continued all day. my husband went for Doct Hubbard but he did not Come with him. Sister Williams, Jonas wife & Hitty with me the most of the day, and did all they Could to give me relief, but without Effect. at home, very ill indead.  
14 4
rainy. I am very ill yet. Doct Barton and his wife Came to See me. my Distress Continued till about Sun Sett when I Puked and Soon the pain Subsided. I had wrest this night. my Sisters B. & W. here ys night. Capt Littlefield after to go [sic] and See his wife but, alas, I Could not go. at home, had a very Distressed day. Capt Lilllefield here.  
15 5
Clear morn, Cloudy day. Sister Wiliams left home for home. Doct Barton Came here. Doct Hubbard Came to See me, gave some prescriptions but his Opinion is that it is not provible I Ever Shall injoy a good state of health again. at home. Doct Hubbard here to visit me, left Some medisin.  
16 6
Clear. I have been Comfortable for which I disere to bless the author of mercies. mrss Jones to See me ys fore n. mrss Child and Theops Hamlins wife, afternoon. mrs Cypher Calld to see me. at home, more Comfortable; had friends to See me.  
17 7
Clear. I was Comfortable this forenn, had a Severe turn of pain aftern. Dagt Ballard Came to See me. I got Easier before night but am very weak. at home. had Severe pain part of ye day.  
18 1
Clear. mr Ballard went to meeting, Ephm allso. Son & Dagt Pollard Came to See me, brot their Babe; it is Better. Son Jona and wife took Tea. mr Gill & Son Lambard here at Evning. I have felt more Comfortable. at home. Son & Dagt Pollard here.  
19 2
Clear part of the day and Snowd part of it. I have not felt so well ys day as I did yesterday. Dagt Ballard took Tea with me. Dagt Lambard made me a prest of Loaf sugar. at home, not So well.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.