Martha Ballard's Diary, October 7 - 12, 1801

[7] 4
Clear. I have been at home very unwell. mr Ballard been to the Settlement below. Sally Cypher Came to work here. Jonas wife and her Sister been to mr Motts. Doct Barton here, informs me that my Brother Elijah is Sick with a Cancer on his Sholder. at home.  
8 5
Clear. I have been at home. Bror Barton here, informs me Bror Elijah has been very sick. at home.  
9 6
Clear, Cold and windy. I have been very unwell. Hitty Peirce helpt me about my work. Hains Learned, his wife and Sister Barton here, tarrie all night. Jona, his wife and mrs Gitchel took Tea. at home. friends to See me. it was last night my friends Stopt here.  
10 7
Clear. I have felt very feeble but have done part of my work. mrs Cypher here, Sally went home. at home.  
11 1
Clear and pleast. mr Ballard went to meeting, Ephm to Lambards. Dagt Ballard and her Sister Getchel Dind and took Tea, Hitty took Tea allso. I was Siesd at 8h Evn with the Collick. Jon a was Calld in the night. I had a humour Came out on my Skin which was very tedious to bear. they gave me a decoction of Snake root & Safron but my [sic] Continued thro the night. at home. was Siesd with the Collick at 8h Evng.  
12 2
Cloudy and Some rain. I was free [ ] from pain till Eving when it returned more Severe. Son Lambard and famely here, they were removing to the Store which was formerly Doct Coneys. may it pleas the Great author of all good to Bless and Prosper them in Every Lauful persute. at home, very ill. Son Lambd removd to this Town again.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.