Martha Ballard's Diary, June 25 - July 1, 1801

25 5
Clear. I have done Some work in my gardin, & knitt Some. mr Ballard workt on the road all day, Cyrus _ ye day. Old mrss Chamberlin Came here, Shee Sleeps here. at home. mrss Chamberln here.  
26 6
Clear and warm. mrs Chamberlain went to mr Woodwards foren, to my Sons aftern. I have workt in my gardin, Sett Cabbages and Cucumbers. mr Dingley Calld at Evn. at home. mrs Chamberln Sleeps here.  
27 7
Clear and warm. I have been at home, mended Cloaths, helpt do ye hous work. mr Ballard workt on the road. mrs Chamberlain went from here. at home. mrss Chambn left here.  
28 1
Clear and warm. mr Ballard, my Self and Cyrus attended worship at the meeting hous, Revd mr Stone Performd. EbenZ Moore here. at meetg
29 2
Clear and warm. mr Ballard Sett out to do Surveying at Boudinham. I was unwell fore n. mrs Conry and Son Jon a, his wife and Old mr Cypher took Tea here. Cyrus, attempting to take a young hors to water, was Caut by one of his Leggs and dragtd Some way on the ground; hurt him Considirably. at home.  
30 3
Clear. I was Calld to my Sons this morn to See his Oldest Son who is very ill with pain like a Collic. we administred a Clister and gave him ye decoction of ye flowers of London pride, and he got releivd about noon; and I Came home at 2h pm. I workt in my Gardin and went again towards Evn, find him Comfortable. mr Forbes and wife Came home with me. at my Sons, Jack is Sick. mr Forbes & wife Sleep here. Rhoda Pollard is 7 years old.  
1 4
Cloudy morn, Clear and warm Aftern. mr Forbes and wife Sett out for home. Hannah Coole, mr Burtun & A Daughtr of mgr Pains have Calld here. I have Cleand my Sellar, made a Chees, houghd Beens &C, and knit Some. at home. Wm Stone had a Son Born, mrs Mosier assisted.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.