Martha Ballard's Diary, February 7 - 15, 1801

7 7
Snowd. Son Pollard here, informs me his wife is very unwell, her Breast in danger of Breaking. I have been at home, we bakt and Churnd 7lb 14 oz butter. Doct Cony here. mr Ballard & Cyrus Signd a petition to Send to Genl Coart. at home.  
8 1
Clear and Cold, windy. I have been unwell. mr Ballard to meeting, was informd that Dagt Pollard is Some better. at home, unwell.  
9 2
X. Birth John Pages 2nd Son. XX.
Snowd. I was Calld by Alpheus Lion to go and See the wife of John Page. we past by mr Hamlins 20m before 9 ys morn. the patient was Deld at 11 of her Second Son and 3d Child. I left all as well as could be Expected. past mr Hamlins 20m before 5h pm, reacht home before dark; was Cold and fatagued. at John Pages. Birth 4th. recd 6/ as a reward.  
10 3
Clear. I have been at home, mended mr Ballards mitts & knit Some. Esqr Davis here at Evn, he gave mr Ballard 8_ Dollars on acount of the trouble we had with his Son. at home. Esqr Davis here at Evn.  
11 4
Clear. I went to See my Dagt Pollard who is Confined with a Soar Breast. Doct Howard was there, saw it and recommended a wheat breud poltis. at son Pollards & Lambds.  
12 5
at Son Pollards. Dagt Lambd there. mrs Pollard is very ill, the infant very restless for want of the Breast. I Slept but little. at Ditoes, or rather at Son Pollards.  
13 6
at Son Pollards. my Dagt is very poorly. a son Pollards.  
14 7
at Ditoes. mr Pollard Came home, left his Load at fort hallifax. at Ditoes. we could not git any milk from my Dagt breast
15 1
Clear and Cold. I was at Ditoes. Gidn Braley got yellow lilly roots to apply to mrs Pollard Breast, it Seemd to giv her more pain. at Ditoes. my Dagt is no better.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.