Martha Ballard's Diary, February 4 - 6, 1801

4 4
XX. Birth S. Juet Fosters 2nd Son. XX.
Clear. I was Calld to my sons to see the Desection of the Son of Esqr Davis which was performd very Closly. the left lobe of ye lighls were found to be much inflamed, the intestines, allso, in which were 4 interscections, an inftamation of the kidneys and Blather. there were not a singte worm Contained in ye boddy but a small quantity of what the operators Supposed to be the bed in which they had resided. the gaull blather was larg and very full. the opperation was performd by Docts Colman and Page. Judg North, Son Jon a & my Self were attendants. I was Calld from there to see the wife of S. J. Foster who was in Labour and was Safe Deld at 7h Evn of her Second Son & 5th Child. I tarried all night, the patient as well as Could be Expected. at my sons. a Desection Performd on ye boddy of John Davis junr. at S. J. Fosters. Birth 3d. July 13th receivd as a reward 10/10.  
5 5
Snowd. I Came home from mr Fosters , find Son and Dagt Lambd & Ephm were Come down. they and mrss Conry Dind here. we then attended Funeral of the Son of John V. Davis. the procession was from Doct Colmans and interd in the grave yard by Colo Howards. we Came to my Sons and Supt, then Came home. my Childn Sleep here. at mr Fosters and at ye interment of Esqr Daviss Son. Revd mr Bowers attended, mr Stone allso.  
6 6
Clear. Sons Lambard & Ephm went to Pittstn. Jona, his wife and 3 Childn Dind and took tea. Esqr Davis here. mr Lambd, his wife and Ephm went home at Evn. Betsy has a pain in her head. I gave her Sage Tea. Shee Bathed her feet. I het Bricks & Put to hr feet. at home. part of my Childn here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.